Friday, April 22, 2011

Shoppping Goodies - Ulta

Ahhh so I caved in and bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It took a lot of thought and after many swatches I realized that I wear a lot of these color on a daily basis so this is a perfect palette. It also comes with a cute travel size Primer Potion which is always a plus. I also took advantage of the Buy Two Nail Polish Get One Free offer that Ulta has going on. The colors pictures from right to left are Princesses Rule, Cozu-Melted In The Sun, and Significant Other Color. I can not wait to try them all on! Of course they will be featured on my nails of the day some time in the future.

I am making Zoe a really cute Hello Kitty Easter Basket and I can't wait to post pics of all of the baskets she got from her Grandparents! I want to make sure that I make every holiday extra special for her! I hope everyone has an amazing Easter! -xoxo Shannyn

Where to buy - Ulta & Sephora

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  1. Ah! Another person with the Naked palette! LOL!! I want one too but I never was able to get it :( Maybe one day... And I have to say, those nail polishes are soooo pretty. I've never used OPI but those colors are beautiful! Have a great Easter :)