Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review - Melt Cosmetics By Starlight

(L-R: MAC Cosmetics Seductive Intent, OCC Lip Tar Belladonna, MAC Cosmetics Strong Woman, Melt Cosmetics By Starlight, MAC Cosmetics Heroine)

» Price -  $19
» Availability - Melt Cosmetics
» Overall Rating - I have come to the conclusion that I have a slight obsession with purple lip products. It's quite difficult for me to pass up any new purple lipstick. This lipstick By Starlight is from a new brand called Melt Cosmetics. It was co-founded by celebrity makeup artist Lora Arellano a.k.a Loreleicakes on Instagram & Dana Bomar. The price is bit on the higher-end side and the shipping is high ($7+ ouch). They are a new business so hopefully overtime their shipping costs can go down. Now on to the actual lipstick. By Starlight is described as an ultra-matte, radioactive purple. It distributed evenly across my lips and the color was a beautiful purple! It is very vibrant and not like any purple lip product that I own. For being described as ultra-matte this lipstick was non drying. It lasted a few hours with minimal fading. It did not last during my meal but I have only come across a few lip products (lip tar,velvetines) that can stay untouched during meals. This is definitely a unique purple and gets a high rating from me for it's pigmentation and staying power! I am tempted to try more colors but I will wait till they (hopefully) lower their shipping costs.


  1. I've been wanting to try these, especially that purple lipstick, but not for that price tag and the shipping price altogether...

  2. That color is stunning, I've only tried a few purples in my day but you have inspired be to be a little more daring :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  3. Wow that purple color is amazing! I don't think I could pull it off but you could!!! <3
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3

  4. A great bold choice, I'm interested in the shade Strong woman more for me, xoxo.