Monday, April 4, 2011

New Makeup Storage!

I am beyond excited. I went to Ikea eons ago and my boyfriend purchased me the Malm 6 Drawer Chest so I can store all of my makeup, nailpolish, jewelry etc.. and it has just been sitting in the box forever! I would bug my boyfriend at least once a week but it he never had time to build it. So we were both off of work today and he had a chance to finally assemble it! Can I say how much I love this drawer? They sell it for $149.99. It is worth it! I am going to buy the whole Malm series of furniture once we move to a bigger place. I finally feel organized with my makeup! I started putting some of my makeup already in there. I still have ways to go but it's coming along!

The Malm 6 Drawer Chest with Vanity Mirror
The top row where I keep my Tarina Tarantino, Betsey Johnson and other cute Jewelry.
MAC Eyeshadows, MSF's, Paints, Blushes, and 15 Pan Palettes in the back with depotted eyeshadows.
MAC Pigments, Pigment Samples and Fluidlines
Lipsticks, Lipglasses, Shadesticks, Glitterliners, False Eyelashes, and 2 120 Eyeshadow Palettes from BH Cosmetics.
I love the acrylic lipstick holder so much! I got them at the container store for only $6.99! They can hold 24 lipsticks
A different style of the acrylic holder
Nail Polish section!
I am missing a lot of colors from another big bag of polishes that I can't find. UGH.

I need to find a place to store all of my makeup brushes though! I have bought so much over time and now I need a better place to store them all. Anyone have any suggestions? :)

Where to buy - Ikea, The Container Store


  1. So I get the feeling you are a fan of MAC cosmetics? ;-)

    But I love that drawer set. The solid black is really classy. Right now I'm using some cheap sterilite stacked drawers to separate my makeup but I would love to invest in something a bit more professional looking. Maybe when I move in May I will be on the lookout for something similar! I feel a trip to Goodwill coming on...

  2. Oh, and for makeup brushes, this is awesome, but I don't know if this will make sense, sorry if it doesn't!

    If you can find a wide mouth jar or vase or whatever style you are going for, and fill it with tiny beads/stones/etc (like when you go to a coffee shop and they have a coffee mug filled with little round beads that the pens stick out of) ... you can follow that concept and place your brushes in those filled jars, brush end up. It keeps the bristles from bending since they are sitting up and you can see what brushes you have.

    You could have two jars even, one for clean brushes and one for dirty brushes.

  3. shannyn!! omg i think i remember you from myspace a long time ago! i think we had that group for elite myspace layouts LOL! wow your baby is so beautiful! and you have such a great blog! good to see u blogging! ;)

  4. Love the drawer set!! I especially like how some drawers are deep enough so that l/s and glosses can stand upright. Oh, and I love all your Hello Kitty jewelery! ;)

  5. Mandy- Yes! When I first started getting into makeup MAC was like the absolute greatest thing on earth. I still love MAC a lot but I started experimenting with other brands and love the variety out there! Thank you so much for the advice on my brushes! I love that idea of one for the clean brushes and dirty brushes! I will post pics when I finally get it done. :)

    Lani- I sooo remember you!! How have you been girlie? Oh man the myspace days! You always had the best layouts and pics! Thank you so much I love my little daughter so much! I am so excited to read your blog now! Take care. xoxo

    Joann- I love how deep they go too! I have an addiction to Hello Kitty ahhhh! :)

  6. Thank You for following!! I love the organization of all your products!! I am in the process of redoing all of my stuff but i love how you have everything organized! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  7. love it! maria Big Maria lol