Friday, April 15, 2011

Nails of The Day - OPI Jade is The New Black

Please excuse my un-manicured nails! I wore these nails for the longest time and I think this color has got me the most compliments! Jade is the new black from OPI is definitely one of my favorite colors now. I usually always wear mostly black and it really added a nice accent to my daily wardrobe.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Zoe has started her solid foods and teething so after work has just been Zoe time! I took her pictures with the Easter bunny yesterday and it was so much fun to see her laugh. I really wanted to get her ears pierced but her Dad was not on board and we always make sure we are both 100% ok with our decisions so for now it is a no go. :(

Ok I am going to be very bold and state that I need to start getting healthy. I feel like such a sloth. After I had Zoe I would run everyday and I lost all of my baby weight and more. I felt so much healthier and alive! Ever since I went back to work it has been hard finding time to work out. I feel so guilty leaving Zoe for 8 hours + so I just want to spend all my time with her when I come home. I still have not given into temptation and drink soda. I have been Soda-Free since Nov. 2010 yay! But I still feel like I am eating like a pig. I gained all my weight back and I really feel down. I need to stop looking at that number on the scale and start doing this for a healthier Shannyn. I don't want to be the tired mom that can't keep up with her kid. I need to set an example for my daughter. As of today I will start eating better and find time to squeeze in a run here and there. I have to do this! I will be checking in from time to time to let you all know of my progress to a healthier lifestyle. I feel better putting this out there in public. That way I can know that I am setting my goal and I need to stick to it! Here is my "Before" picture. I wore this when I went to WonderCon and I felt so huge and bloated the entire day!

BEFORE - April 2011


  1. Aww... sorry to hear he wasn't ready to let her get her ears pierced yet. I think having them pierced when they are young is the easiest since they really won't remember it, and you can care for the ears to help them heal properly. My ears were pierced when I was a baby, and I think we can all agree there's really nothing cuter than a little baby girl with cute little stud earrings. :-)

    Good luck on the "Get Fit" mission! I haven't been running as regularly as I used to, due to having so much on my plate as well. It is hard to find the time (and desire) when other things feel more important. But you can do it!!

  2. OMG ur soooooo pretty! :D