Monday, April 18, 2011

Nails of The Day - Zoya Faye

Quick post! I took this quick snapshot of my nails from my phone because I know I wont have a chance to take a pic before they start to chip. I really do love Zoya nail polish. I got this color in their Buy One Get One Free Sale! Oooh which reminds me that I need to post pics of all of the goodies that I got from that sale! This color is called Faye and I like to describe it as a purple sherbet color! I am trying out a new top coat. It's from a brand called Seche Vite and I heard a lot of good reviews so I am giving it a try. So far so good. I have a bad habit of using my nails to open everything and I know that is a big no-no in basic nail care. Ugh I caught a cold and I have a hectic schedule this week and I am really not looking forward to this. Ok Zoe is trying to use the keyboard as her personal piano right now so I guess that is a sign to cut this short.
-xoxo Shannyn
Where to buy - Zoya

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  1. I love Cherish lipstick! That's one of my fave lipsticks in the whole entire world hehe.