Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GlossyBox - May

Hey dolls! So excited to post about GlossyBox! There are tons of different  monthly beauty subscription boxes out right now but I really wanted to try Glossybox out. I notice a lot of UK bloggers posting about their boxes and they looked so luxurious and worth it. I was pretty stoked to find out that Glossybox is now available in the U.S! It was so much fun opening up the box and I was really happy about the different products that came inside. I didn't want to ruin the delicate packaging either. Super excited to see what next month box will bring! Ok now let's discuss the May box..

AMORE PACIFIC Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel (South Korea)
» Price - Full Size $100.00/ 1.7 oz
» Description - A hydrating gel moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling bright and refreshed. Notice your complexion visibly improve, giving you confidence and a natural glow
» My Review - I was excited to try an Asian face cream. It had a fresh smell to it and felt really good on my face. I applied it for an early morning out and I noticed my face looked bright and awake. Based on the price I don't think I could allow myself to spend that much on a face cream though. It really kept my face hydrated throughout the morning and kept it soft the entire day.

BURBERRY BEAUTY Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick Copper No.202 (UK)
» Price - Full Size $30.00/0.12 oz
» Description - A creamy lipstick that offers a hint of natural, sheer color leaving your lips moist and dewy. The perfect present for the perfect pout.
» My Review - Burberry lipsticks are so pretty. They have the iconic Burberry plaid design on them which makes it hard to want to use the lipstick. The lipstick was really sheer. I know it says sheer in the description but I didn't think it was going to be like a lip butter. It did feel good on my lips but once again I can't see myself purchasing this when I can easily dupe this with a Revlon lip butter.

MARVIS Marvis Whitening (Italy)
» Price - Full Size $7.50/ 1.23oz
» Description - Make the most of your splendid smile with a whitening toothpaste dripping in cool mint freshness, all while protecting against decay, target, and plaque.
» My Review - Yay for whitening toothpaste. The Marvis toothpaste had a normal mint taste and I did notice my teeth look nice and bright after each brush. I get the same results with my other whitening toothpaste that is less expensive so I won't be making the switch because of the price point.

PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair (France)
» Price - Full Size $38.00/ 6.7 oz
» Description - Indulge in luxury and aroma with a conditioning treatment that moisturizes and detangles strands without weighing hair down. Nourish, revive and delight.
» My Review - I have been on the hunt for the magical mask that will help me with my beyond dry hair. I have notice a tad bit more moisture in my hair but nothing has drastically changed. I used it a few times already so perhaps I need to continue to use it. They gave us a generous amount so hopefully I just need to use it to see more results.

ZOYA Summer 2012 - Beach and Surf Collection (USA)
» Price - Full Size $8.00/ 0.5 oz
» Description - Dive into the creamy shades and shimmering sea foils of the Zoya Beach & Surf Collection. Allow your nails to go on vacation every day.
» My Review - I received the gorgeous color named Wednesday. I was beyond excited. Wednesday has been sitting on my shopping cart on for the longest time! I immediately fell in love with that color but was waiting for it to be in stock at Ulta. You can just picture how my face lit up with I saw this gem inside the box. I love Zoya nail polishes and this color is perfect for summer. It will look with any outfit. The color is so creamy and only takes two coats to make the color pop.

Zoya - Wednesday


Amore Pacific

Burberry Beauty

You can purchase the Zoya nail polish at ZOYA . That is a share the love link which means we both get credit at ZOYA when you sign up. =)


  1. Ohh you got Wednesday...I wanted that color or Zuza! And I love that Burberrry lipstick it's so tiny and cute!

  2. I've heard really great things about glossybox and that zoya color is to die! new follower of yours!