Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wow. What a crazy and amazing past few days it has been. I just got back from IMATS in Pasadena and words can not describe how much fun I had! It was such an amazing experience to be amongst fellow cosmetics junkies such as myself and talented artists and gurus!

IMATS in Pasadena, California

MUFE. The line was bananas long.

Look at all of those brushes.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I must get all of these colors!

Lauren a.k.a The Queen of Blending

Love her outfit! She is beyond fierce.

Oh la la look at all of the Inglot colors that I did NOT get to see. :(

Sigma! They were so sweet!

I really want to get there Dry n Shape system.

Um yum! I want them all.

Cinema Secrets had amazing glitter colors.

Did anyone watch Face Off on the Syfy Channel? FIERCE.

Talented Artists at work

@JulieGBeauty, @EnkoreMakeup and @PurseBuzz

Body Painting

@JazzieBabyCakes and I. She is beyond gorgeous!

Lime Crime


How awesome is that?!

Chaos at MAC


Everyone at Sugarpill were too cute!!

Starstruck at Maxi

Look at the craziness at Inglot!! I did not get to swatch anything. :(

Beautylish Meet & Greet! They had yummy cupcakes! Major noms.

Jasmine and I

I had so much fun at the Beautylish event! Everyone was so sweet and I got a chance to meet a lot of amazing women! If you haven't already done so I recommend you go sign up for right now! It is my favorite place for reviews, beauty articles and a great place to talk to fellow makeup addicts!


  1. OMG I am so jealous you got to go, but you go girl! I see you got some pics with some famous people too. <3 Koren and Elessa.

    Also your photos are so crisp and fantasic. May I please ask what camera you use?

  2. Im so jealous!! i so wanted to be there! ur so lucky!! Great pics!!

  3. Lucky! So much funnnn.
    You looked really pretty! :)


  4. I knew that was you! LOL When Jazziebabycakes retweeted the pic I was like "wait.. that looks like i heart makeup". You look soo pretty! I would've gone crazy and my money would be all gone had I been at imats. BTW, the pics look amazing!

  5. Wow! I'm so jealous! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! It makes me feel as if I was there...kind of. Lol. Looks like you had a great time. I hope to go to an IMAT event one day.

  6. I really wish we had IMATS in Hawaii. I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a great time! You're sooo lucky!

  7. Great photos! What camera do you use?

  8. wow, great pics and such amazing stalls with all the bright makeup, glad you had a good time x

  9. You look so pretty! Love the lipstick you're wearing. What camera do you use? Your photos look so clear and vivid!

  10. Aww thank you so much everyone!! I had an amazing time!! I think tickets for next year are already on sale so I hope to see you all there next year!

    I am using a Sony NEX3. I love it so much! It has removable lenses and is still super easy to use! I highly recommend!! xoxo