Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Healthy

It has been the best concert I have ever seen. This year I have been to quite a lot of concerts this year. I saw Lily Allen, Santigold, Britney Spears (Twice) & No Doubt! No Doubt by far gave the best show. They were amazing live. They got the crowd going and it was just epic. The Sounds were also very good as well! I remember getting chills every time another song came on. on Saturday morning as I was working, a manager approached me and asked if I wanted to come help out at the No Doubt concert in Mountain View! My jaw literally dropped. I was going to have the chance to see them again and for free!? I was so excited oh man. It was a lot of fun. We had our stand and it was a lot of fun & then we got to see the show. It was sold out and crazy crowded but it was so much fun!

Seeing No Doubt twice in the same week=EPIC!

I'm going to start exercising everyday. I feel so lethargic and I know I need to start being more active. Last night I did a quick 3 mile jog after work. I'm starting to feel a lot better. I know I have it in me to succeed. I'm going to simply focus on myself now and start getting my life back on track.

I can do this!