Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review - Glamour Doll Eyes Loose Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some swatches and reviews on a few loose eyeshadows from Glamour Doll Eyes. I am a part of the Glamour Doll Eyes Sponsorship so all of these products were sent to me by the company.

I did a YouTube series using all Glamour Doll Eyes shadows so if you want to see all of these colors in action please check out my YouTube page! Today Glamour Doll Eyes is starting an amazing promotion! If you haven't checked out their products yet now is the time to do it! Read down below for more details!


Swatches & Reviews

Love Affair (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Review - It is a soft and delicate pink. It took some layering to get it to show up when I was trying to wear it on my lids. Also applied a tad bit streaky on top of the primer. I loved using this as a blending color along my crease. It allowed a soft buffed out look to my crease colors.

Electric Lemonade (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Review - A bright yellow with a slight bit of shimmer. This color was easy to work with and did not require a lot of layering. Great lasting power. Perfect option if you want a yellow with some sheen.

Melancholy (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Review - This color is amazing! Vibrant blue with a very small amount of shimmer. Very easy to work with and did not need to layer this color at all. Highly pigmented. I love this blue!! Perfect for adding a pop of color on your lower lash line or wearing it on your lids.

Lace Panties (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Review - Isn't this color incredibly gorgeous? It is a purple-ish pink color with gold undertones. Very versatile, can be work on lid, crease, lower lash line, etc.. Easy to work with. This color is quite unique and I did not own anything like it in  my collection. Definitely a must-have.

Chocoholic (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Review - Deep coppery brown. Great pigmentation and easy to blend. Perfect for everyday eye looks. Although it has a bit of shimmer to it this color still worked perfectly along my crease and gave me a lot of depth.

Super Nova (Top - No primer | Bottom - With primer)
» Overall Rating - Ok, let's all just take a moment to take in the awesome-ness that is Super Nova. How cool is this color? It is described as a matte black with multi-colored shimmer. This black is insane. I also used this color as a liner and the shimmer still shined through. Beautiful color, amazing pigmentation and the multi-colored shimmer just adds that extra bit of love. Very unique color with solid staying power!

FTC: The products mentioned in this post were provided by the company Glamour Doll Eyes. As part of the sponsorship I used these products in a series of YouTube tutorials. I was not asked to do a review. I am a part of their affiliate program which earn a percentage of the sale generated through the affiliate links. These are my honest opinions on these products.


  1. The primer sure makes a big difference! I'm not very good with loose powders so I'm sticking to pressed eyeshadows for now, lovely colours though ^^ Thanks for the review darling xx